Manage Employees’ Devices: eBonding for Your Business Success

eBonding is a technology platform that streamlines IT requests among your employees. By automatically exchanging data with vendors, eBonding eliminates communication delays and improves productivity. Read more.

eBonding for Your Business Success

eBonding is a technology feature which streamlines interaction between your admins, employees and vendors regarding IT requests. The feature exchanges the data in an automated fashion, eliminating manual back and forth and cuts communicational delays.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are running a big vehicle manufacturing company which employs thousands of employees. A line manager is faced with replacing a tablet device that their work depends on. The line manager sends an urgent replacement request to the IT department and in turn does not hear back from the IT department. As a result, the line manager suffers, and his work suffers.

With eBonding enabled, the line manager could have placed his request and based on rules that vary by organization had his order submitted directly to the vendor. eBonding keeps your employees connected with customers and colleagues at all times, regardless of the number of departmental requests sent. eBonding helps streamline requests for timely actions. Managing these internal and external requests manually is a huge task and often necessitates significant human capital. eBonding is not only provides timely communication solutions, but also a reliable platform to manage requests, avoid miscommunication and delayed services.

MDSL’s eBonding is the most advanced eBonding functionality in the market. It not only streamlines interactions between employees and CSPs to avoid service delays, but it also cuts administrative costs. The eBonding platform facilitates the management and administration of all employee placed requests and orders.

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