The 10 Most Nationally Shocking Nuclear Weapons

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The United States with North Korea is now undergoing a hot situation. Mutually criticizing and threatening to wage war against each other, the world has recently been struck by North Korea’s nuclear weapons launch that crossed just above Japan. Both America and North Korea, each claiming to have advanced nuclear weapons that could destroy anything. In addition to these two countries, there are still many other countries that have deadly nuclear weapons.

  1. Iran

Perhaps when compared with other developed countries in the world, Iran’s name is still not comparable. Iran’s state-owned military power is also not so scary. But, from now on, countries in the world have to be wary of this one country. The reason, Iran is suspected of having a sophisticated nuclear weapon.

Regarding how sophisticated and how many nuclear weapons Iran possesses, no information has provided clear information. In essence, Iran does have nuclear weapons but still quietly. Maybe they wait for the right time then show their hidden strength.

  1. Pakistan

Not much different from Iran, Pakistan is also a country that is not too considered the strength of its weapons by some countries in the world. But, silence does not mean to lose, Pakistan is silent and does not show its strength does not mean this country is a weak country. Only when it is pinched Pakistan will show their weapon strength.

Pakistan is known to have nuclear weapons that are not small. It was recorded that this one country had 120 nuclear missiles in 1998. That year Pakistan tested its nuclear weapons for the first time. Since then, Pakistan has been steadily increasing its weapons power and making it on the list of countries with a frightening nuclear weapon in the world.

  1. North Korea

Some time ago the world was surprised by the launch of nuclear missiles by North Korea. The missile that flew through its neighboring country, Japan, led some countries to criticize the country led by Kim Jong Un. With the launch of North Korea’s nuclear weapons, this indicates that the country can not be underestimated.

It’s been a long time since North Korea is suspected of having a sophisticated nuclear arsenal. North Korea had previously tested its nuclear weapons launch in 2006. The test immediately led North Korea to become a country with enough vigilance over its power.

  1. Israel

Israel is a country that is quite popular in the world. Popular in terms of the negative. This largely Jewish state is one of the most hated countries in the world because of its ongoing war with its neighboring Palestinian state.

Did you know that Israel has a frightening nuclear weapon? If anyone tries to provoke a war with them, Israel will not hesitate to launch nuclear weapons at their disposal. The horror of Israel’s nuclear weapons is the result of cooperation between the United States.

  1. India

It’s not about the famous Indian movie or wobble, but this time we’re going to discuss how terrible this nuclear weapon power this country has. In the past, India has always been underestimated, but not this time. Over the years technological developments in India have increased. It has an impact on military power and weaponry.

Many countries in the world should be afraid of India. This country is known to have a myriad of nuclear missiles with terrible power. Indian military might not be underestimated. Unfortunately, some experiments conducted by the Indian government failed due to the cold war that occurred between India and Pakistan.

  1. United Kingdom

Britain has officially left Europe, but it does not make Britain a weak country. England is still a strong country. The military power held by the British remains the most feared in the world. Coupled with the existence of nuclear weapons, taste-it is quite risky if there is a country that wants to fight against England.

Britain is ranked 5th in the list of countries with the world’s deadliest nuclear weapons. With the capital London, Britain has been developing nuclear weapons as a means of defense since 1956. That year, Britain built a nuclear power control center. And now, Britain already has hundreds of nuclear missiles ready for launch.

  1. China

Industrial technology in China is very advanced-advance. Try now you see in the shops. How many products are made in Chinese? Industrial technological advances in China are also offset by their arms. Even China is staying digadang ready to compete with some developed countries in the world including the United States.

China is known to have as many as 250 nuclear weapons. About the strength, it seems you do not need to question again. When ready to compete with America, surely the nuclear weapons power of this Bamboo Curtain country can not be considered trivial. If there are enemies that provoke war with China, then be prepared to face their nuclear weapons.

  1. France

we know that France is an attractive country in terms of tourism. But France is a country that is also worthy of our fear. We should be afraid of France because this country has tremendous military power. Included is a sophisticated nuclear weapon that put France in position 3.

With a total of 300 nuclear weapons, enough to make the world begin to believe in nuclear weapons owned by France. Prior to joining the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), in 1996, France first tested its first nuclear launch. French-owned nuclear weapons were created to eradicate terrorist attacks in the country.

  1. USA

United States dubbed superpower or superpower not without reason. Everything in America from people’s lives, health, education, and especially the military is very advanced. With the economic power they have, America builds their military power so it can be as advanced as it is today.

America’s military power is more complete with the estimated 7200 to 7700 nuclear weapons missiles. With complete resources and a lot of money, Americans can easily add their own nuclear weapons. Now, America is involved with a dispute with North Korea. If this continues, we can expect World War III.

  1. Russia

At the top of the list of countries with the most terrifying nuclear weapon in the world is Russia. Be it America and Russia, these two countries compete each other and prove which superpower country is strongest. Russia’s weaponry power is not a joke either.

With a total of 8500 even more nuclear missiles, any country will think 100 times before looking for trouble with Russia. Russia itself is known as the world’s largest nuclear weapon maker. Entering the territory of Russia can not be arbitrary. Anyone who enters this country without permission, will face Russian military forces.

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