Smart Ways to Get Money From Facebook Without Capital

Short on cash? Here's how to earn money with Facebook


In 2017, many people made money from Facebook. The advantage of using Facebook as an investor tool that is so profitable for prospective business in the field of marketing such as Facebook to get money on Facebook.

Generating so much investment in taking profits on Facebook does not all have to use capital, this time the tips are to get money from Facebook without capital using social media namely Facebook.

With Facebook we can promote our products at any time and are very efficient, suitable for online businesses who do not have capital in 2018.

A suitable place to use a promotional place on Facebook

First, use Facebook grub to share your investment to the public. This grub is used by many investors to advance their business. What’s more if you open your own grub, which contains various products that you want to sell.

Second, Use fanpage for your monthly salary generating field. How do you use it? Using this fanpage, you have to spend a little money to make money using Facebook, but even though it can reach 14 thousand a day for every day, all of that will go back. So you who want to start your own SME business can do it at home by utilizing fanpage features as your income.

If you rent advertising services that have been provided by Facebook, that is called Facebook ads. This feature can also be allocated to ads publishers, by way of Facebook ads to adsense. I will not discuss this.

I will share about online business using Facebook and get money up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

As a medium of communication, Facebook can also be used in marketing. The proof is that you can use a likes, followers, and your friends on Facebook that can be used to promote your products. How to ?

  1. Use Facebook wall for promotional media.

The Facebook wall is usually the one who sees your posts as loyal friends and followers. Making money from this timeline will also earn income personally.

How not, the timeline is a medium for delivering information among Facebook users. So, anyone who updates the status of the person who becomes a friend of Facebook will also see the status they make. So, it is appropriate if the income belongs to someone.

  1. Join business groups

Joining a business grub will get multiple benefits. How come? Yes, because you can get various kinds of business information, marketing science, and marketing strategies. Proper targeting is the key to success in developing a business on Facebook.

But do not get me wrong to join grub, you must be smart to choose to join in people’s grub. It all goes back to your marketing strategy. If it is wrong, it will have a negative impact on your investment performance. I hope, you can be good at targeting your potential customers.

  1. Act actively in grub

Interacting in fellow Grub members also helps you to advance your business online on Facebook. Keep your communication with fellow members, yes even if you only post new products, reply to customer comments, comment on other people’s posts and so on.

  1. Expertise in responding to customer handling

Why do I say expertise? Because, if we (as business people) cannot respond to their messages or comments, yes your customers will run away because we are less agile in communicating. Maintain your communication with customers.

  1. Always be friendly

Acting friendly towards everyone will awaken the emotional soul of the customer. If you apply a formal communication system (not general language) then you will be liked by the customer. If so, you have done a good promotion stage in order to get money on Facebook without capital.


Making money from Facebook in 2018, many online businesses have done it. What’s more, it’s now a digital era, now the world has entered the digital age. Business opportunities are everywhere, only we can or do not get these opportunities. good luck

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