TCS partners with AWS in new quantum computing initiative

Tata Consultancy Services today launched the TCS Quantum Computing Lab on AWS, a new service designed to provide enterprise customers with insight into what it described as “one of the most promising technologies of the decade.”

The lab, it said, will allow organizations to explore, develop and test business offerings aimed at accelerating adoption.

“While still in its nascent stages, quantum computing has the potential to help solve challenges too difficult for classical computers to solve in a timely manner today, such as enhanced detection of surface anomalies or optimization problems,” the company said in a release.

The new initiative, it added, will offer a virtual research and development environment leveraging Amazon Braket, a quantum computing service from AWS. TCS said it plans to leverage the lab to design industry-leading solutions, build domain-centric performance benchmarks, and drive hackathons.

The intent, it said, is to “help customers explore and co-create new use cases of quantum computing to tackle business challenges that defy the capabilities of conventional technologies.”

TCS said it has been investing in quantum computing research for over four years. This has already resulted in two patent filings, as well as progress toward advancing artificial intelligence, optimization, cryptography, and digital security. The company also contributes to standard bodies and various government initiatives in quantum computing.

Krishna Mohan, global head of the company’s AWS business unit, said the lab will enable customers to “jumpstart their quantum computing journey” by incubating and testing new ideas on Amazon Braket.

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