Negative Effects Of Modern Technology

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Early Man , eagerly reaching in the direction of the warmth of the hearth, wouldn’t have known that it might burn him. Common sense tells us that it will need to have taken a few extra people to comprehend the connection between fire and death. Another few years passed earlier than they realised that by inserting lifeless animals on the fire, they might make the meat extra tasty, and less more likely to poison themselves. The first cook either had a leap of intelligence or out of sheer luck he found the first step towards improving human life.

People are nonetheless on low incomes, can not get jobs and are desperately making an attempt to maintain their heads above water. They want, and they need it now. We have seen this in London recently. Riots broke out, retailers have been smashed and folks died. All out of greed. Watching it on TV, I saw the true Man Persona stripped away, and the primitive thoughts of our Ancestors come racing again. Whether it was attributable to poor parenting, or whether it was that a part of the Human Ancestral Mind coming by way of, what occurred to me was that Technology might actually be harmful.

Every stage in our History has evolved the human mind. Whether it’s a genetic leap ahead or purely a case of following one one who has had the great concept both by way of thought or accidentally, human brains have slowly turn out to be larger and extra intelligent. Along with the food that they ate, or pure drugs that they got here into contact with, like consuming couch grass, which has been proven to trigger hallucinations therefore opening up sure parts of the mind, each generation started to turn out to be extra aware of the world round them.

Great hub Nell. I assume all new know-how outpaces the technology it begins in. It takes years to settle down and notice exactly what now we have and the right way to use it. The pace of new expertise now, I imagine, correlates with company’s must maintain making a living. More new know-how, extra dollars spent. Nothing can change the human mind. One of the comments above referred to the new research on multi-tasking; it may possibly’t be performed. Our minds can solely actually focus effectively on one factor at a time. As technology progresses hopefully we’ll start to see the good and the dangerous and fill a need not only a want. Voted up.. good data as always.

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