Guide to Choosing a Cloud Storage Provider

Enterprises of all sizes are now storing some or all of their sensitive information in the cloud. However, there are some pertinent issues you need to know about cloud storage before hiring an online storage provider. The amount of data that enterprises are producing is staggering. It can be expensive for an enterprise to store all its data in the data center. As a result, cloud storage has become increasingly popular. It allows businesses of all sizes to store their data at a reduced cost. Below are some of the tips that will help you find a storage provider and determine if cloud storage is right for your enterprise.

Compliance with Industry Regulations

Your storage provider should meet the industry standards and be compliant with security compliance needs. Keep in mind that your storage provider can encrypt and decrypt your data when necessary. A storage provider for companies that deal with financial data should comply with critical audit standards to ensure integrity and data security.

Encrypt Your Data

Encryption protects your sensitive data before it is transferred to the cloud. While some storage providers may encrypt your data, it is wise to encrypt your data on your own. That way, you can move to a new storage provider should your cloud provider exit the business. Note that you are the only one who can decrypt the data if you encrypted it before transferring it to the cloud.

Make Sure You Can Restore Your Data

When you are looking for a storage provider, don’t forget about data recovery. Find out from the storage vendor how quickly you will recover your data in the event of system disruption. That will help you minimize downtime and set expectations for your enterprise. While many cloud providers ease the process of data storage, quick and efficient data recovery can be difficult and costly. As such, ask your cloud provider to provide you a hard drive or allow easy data access before signing up.

Don’t Overestimate Your Storage Needs

It is essential for companies to determine the appropriate data storage space for their current and future needs. Keep buying more storage terabyte as your data volume grows. Avoid buying more storage terabytes than your demands. Over time, your workload will reduce; thus, adding storage space as your data volume increases will drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Consider the Cost of Cloud Storage

It is vital to understand your monthly service before pricing out cloud services. Often, cloud providers will charge extra money for services such as DR testing and transferring data to the cloud. It is, therefore, important to compare your existing broadcast storage sharing workflow solutions and the costs of cloud storage before sign up with a cloud provider.

Choose a Cloud Provider that Understands the Industry

It is not enough to choose the leading cloud providers just because of their period of service and reputation. Instead, consider working with a storage provider that understands your working environment. Data storage needs in the finance industry may differ from those in the healthcare industry.

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