Apple iPhone SE 2020 Hardware Components

The iPhone SE 2020 is the latest and most affordable iPhone presented by Apple. The hardware components of the Apple device are known to be thanks to iFixit’s “engineer” who conducted the inspection.

Here Are the Parts You Can Swap Between the New iPhone SE and ...

The iPhone SE undoubtedly has a “taste” like the repackaged iPhone 8

The only difference is the chipset and some of the latest camera features, which could have been thanks to improved software.

Once dismantled, the iFixit page concludes, the iPhone SE 2020 gets an improvement score of 6 out of 10, where the number 10 for mobile phones is easier to repair. On the plus side, cellphones provide direct access to the screen and battery, which are the two most frequently replaced components.

You still need the right knowledge and tools (up to four different types of drivers) to replace it

but if you have one, it will be very easy to do it. In addition, most components are modular and can be replaced independently, including the many components that can be exchanged with the iPhone 8.

On the other hand, the seal needed to achieve the IP67 entry protection rating does make it difficult to repair. Moreover, the seal ensures that repairing fluid damage is not possible. The rear glass is not practical to replace, which is one of the biggest problems iFixit identified with the new iPhone SE.

The X-ray examination only revealed reworking of the delicate antenna and some chips

but on the contrary it is very difficult to distinguish the iPhone SE from the iPhone 8. The Taptic engine and the main speaker are the same, so is the battery which has the exact same capacity.

Strangely, because of the loss of 3D Touch in the SE compared to the iPhone 8 it should be possible for the screen assembly to be thinner in order to supply a larger battery to occupy the newly reclaimed space. Unfortunately, that is not what Apple did.

The screens of the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 are interchangeable, although the first does not have a 3D Touch. On that note, keep in mind that replacing the SE iPhone screen from the iPhone 8 will not magically make 3D Touch work.

Meanwhile, the battery connector has been changed, which means users can’t just put the iPhone 8 battery into the SE or vice versa. Regarding the camera controversy, some rumors point to it being the same physical unit as the one on the iPhone 8, while others think Apple uses the iPhone XR.

Apparently, the last choice was just wishful thinking. The camera looks identical to the iPhone 8, so the new features eventually all come down to the superior capabilities of the A13 chipset.

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