7 Tech Trends At CES 2018

There are several technological events of the world that follow the attention of the lover. One of them is the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 or commonly called CES 2018. The event was held in Las Vegas, United States from January, 7-12.

Here the world’s tech giants showcased the innovations and developments that have been created.

Launched from Mashable, here are 7 technology trends that create heat at CES 2018.

7 Tech Trends That Will Make ‘Hot’ at CES 2018

CES 2018 is the world’s largest annual technology event in addition to Mobile World Congress (MWC). What are the trends in this year’s event?

1. The 5G Network Revolution will begin

Intel, Qualcomm, Verizon to Baidu are ready to migrate to the faster 5G network. To support the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) of course this technology began to develop in the next few years.

Although not yet commercially available, reportedly 5G network is being tested in the arena of the 2018 Winter Olympics, PyeongChang, South Korea in February 2018.

2. Car Moves More Focused

The car without insistence has its own place at CES. The reason, this future technology trend trends at CES 2016 through Chevy Bolt. While in the following year, Faraday Future comes warming CES 2017.

Well, the CES 2018 mobile phone does not move back into the limelight. Many automotive brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Ford. We will see what surprise will be given?

3. Smart House Supporting the Internet Ecosystem

Digital based assistant, Smart Home technology will be a testament to both rulers. Who wants to excel, Google with Google Home or Amazon with its Alexa Amazon?

Technology that supports the internet ecosystem Hal (IoT) is indeed on the rise. Apple is reportedly preparing it too.

4. Medical Device Equipment Series Used

Are you still using a device that supports health? When viewed from the craze trend, this technology is falling guys. Call it a bankrupt jawbone or Fitbit in a difficult time.

No longer dead total, this technology began seriusi health industry began by utilizing augmented reality (AR) to cloud-connected services.

5. TV: MicroLED Up To 8K Resolution

The TV industry never wilted. Continue to be a trend of CES 2018 technology, MicroLED present that has many advantages. Starting from the contrast, brightness to power efficiency than OLED display technology.

Not only that, if the 4K screen is too mainstream, LG is now presenting 8K screen television as a new resolution standard. With 7680 x 4320 pixels, what will be as detailed as that?

6. Augmented Reality Is Not Just Entertainment

Augmented reality (AR) is said to be the most popular technology trend favored by the millennium. The proof is through a phenomenal game, GO Pokemon is a virus and much aired in its time.

Well, in the event CES 2018, AR began seriously worked by several world brands. Not only entertainment business, AR this time also for various activities, such as controlling the drone.

7. Wireless Headphones Present New Hype

Hype that passes AirPods, it seems wireless headphones will become the latest technology trends in 2018. Just look at Google which also released Google Pixel Buds along with the launch of Pixel 2 series smartphone.

Many companies seem to mimic the concept of AirPods tablets.

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