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Technology is bringing about a change in mental health therapies – What’s the future?

As per reports from WHO or World Health Organization, mental health issues have an impact on millions of people. It has been found out that 300 million people suffer from depression and a whopping 250 million people suffer from disorders like anxiety and stress. Although it is true that the researchers couldn’t yet develop any effective mental health medicine within the 3 decades, yet it is true that the current technical innovations are bringing about a change in the way in which mental health issues are treated.

Nowadays, with the advancements in the field of technology, the patients are getting connected with a therapist via online resources like e-counseling.com/, they’re getting diagnosed, their moods are being tracked, symptoms are mitigated and managed and they are helped to stick to the treatments. Here are some changes that you should know of.

#1: There are apps for treating everything from addiction Read more

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Why VOIP is Better than Traditional Phone

VoIP, short form of Voice over Internet Protocol, is the transmission of multimedia and voice content over Internet Protocol networks.

VoIP traditionally referred to as using Internet Protocol to establish connection with private branch exchanges (PBXs), however, the term is now substituted with Internet Protocol telephony, which compresses innumerable singular packets and transmits them via the Internet.

Whereas, conventional telephones use circuit-switched telephony, which works by establishing an individual channel between two points to facilitate the call and uses copper wires.

Reasons why VoIP is better than traditional phone?

Portability: The ease of a VoIP system is accessible all over the globe. All you have to do is to log into your VoIP-enabled phone with the use of a broadband internet and that will enable you to get a dial tone. You only require a good internet connection to make the VoIP work. Regardless of the location of your team, … Read more

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Manage Employees’ Devices: eBonding for Your Business Success

eBonding is a technology platform that streamlines IT requests among your employees. By automatically exchanging data with vendors, eBonding eliminates communication delays and improves productivity. Read more.

eBonding for Your Business Success

eBonding is a technology feature which streamlines interaction between your admins, employees and vendors regarding IT requests. The feature exchanges the data in an automated fashion, eliminating manual back and forth and cuts communicational delays.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are running a big vehicle manufacturing company which employs thousands of employees. A line manager is faced with replacing a tablet device that their work depends on. The line manager sends an urgent replacement request to the IT department and in turn does not hear back from the IT department. As a result, the line manager suffers, and his work suffers.

With eBonding enabled, the line manager could have placed his request and based on rules that … Read more

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Geofencing is the key to powerful user targeting through mobile apps


What drives users to an app? Added to quality services or products and user-friendly interface, the next important factor is “targeted offering”. Consumers seek relevant contents from your app that will be tailored to their particular context. This is where Geofencing comes in.

So, what is geofencing for your app?

Geofencing  can be referred to as creation of “virtual fences” around real-world location. Location-based targeting is getting increasingly important with each passing day and geofencing allows your app to tap into the potential of location-based catering. If your app is powered is geofencing feature, you will receive notifications when a user enters or exists from a specified fenced zone. This way, your app will know when to trigger an action that will be relevant to your targeted user.

Geofencing works by pairing up with technologies like RFID, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. The technology comes in the form of a software … Read more

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How Android App Development Can Drive the Future of Healthcare

Digital advancement has brought about radical changes in patient behavior and their engagement with the healthcare system.

Gone are the days when patients eagerly waited to see a doctor to identify their disease and treatment options.

Today, a sick person will first go online and search for the similar symptoms before even fixing a consultation date. This trend is further fueled by the increasing popularity and use of the smart devices, which has brought digital health information at the fingertips of global consumers.

As the healthcare industry continues to shift towards the value-based delivery model, patients are placed at the center of the care system. With the rise in chronic medical conditions and increased longevity rates, providing consistent and quality healthcare services often become a concern for healthcare practitioners.

Medical Android app development plays a pivotal role in resolving these issues and optimizing healthcare delivery services.

Android-based mobile applications can … Read more