Apple Cyber Monday Deals 2022

To begin, the Apple Shopping Event is still going strong and will be going right up until Cyber Monday. Specials are still being offered at big shops like Amazon and Walmart. The fact that Apple is selling so many gadgets from previous generations makes the Cyber Monday sales it is offering this year particularly noteworthy.

Cyber Monday Deal at Apple

In addition to the two new iPhone 14 models that were released in September, we also saw new releases in the Air Pods Pro 2nd Generation, the Apple Watch Series 8, and the Apple Watch Ultra. Because of these new releases, a large number of older Apple Watch and Air Pods models are currently being discounted to levels. That have never been seen before. Consider for instance this unbelievable offer on the Air Pods Pro 1st Generation, which can be purchased at Walmart for the price of $159 right now.

Cyber Monday Deal At Apple

As was just said, the bargains on Air Pods that Apple is offering for Cyber Monday are the real crown jewel of their present offerings.  The current pricing of the second generation Air Pods and Air Pods Pro is the lowest ever recorded on Amazon. This is the case for both of these products, which are now on sale at significant discounts.

Additionally, Apple Air Tags are now on sale for a price that has never been seen before. There is a special offer available for a limited time only on the best-selling four-pack of Apple Air Tags. This is a unique sale on Bluetooth trackers, since they are not often discounted in this manner.

What Should You Be Aware of Regarding the Apple Shopping Event?

Apple will be holding their very own Black Friday sale, which is being marketed as the “Apple Shopping Event” (November 28th). For the majority of its holiday shopping event, Apple will continue to offer a promotion for gift cards. Their official statement goes as follows: “For a short time, when you buy a qualifying iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, Air Pods, and more, you may receive an Apple Gift Card to spend on a subsequent purchase.

Apple provided a few precise specifics on the gift card amounts that may be received when buying certain goods, and they publicized these facts on their website. We’ve listed below a handful of the Apple Shopping Event promotions that will be available to take advantage of directly through beginning this weekend and continuing through November 28th.

IPhone promotion at the Apple Shopping Event, you could save money when you trade in your existing handset and get a $50 Apple Gift Card when you purchase the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12, or iPhone SE.

You could get up to a $75 Apple Gift Card when you purchase Air Pods Pro (2nd generation), Air Pods (2nd generation), Air Pods (3rd generation) with Lightning Charging Case, or Air Pods Max. This offer is valid during the Apple Shopping Event.

Apple watch cyber monday deals

Apple is holding a shopping event and offering a promotion for the Apple Watch. You could get a $50 Apple Gift Card when you purchase Apple Watch SE and save when you trade in your existing device.

Apple watch cyber monday deals

You can get up to a $250 Apple Gift Card when you purchase MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, or iMac and save when you trade in your existing device. This offer is valid during the Apple Shopping Event.

Apple is now running a promotion for its accessories. You could get up to a $50 Apple Gift Card when you purchase a Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro or iPad Air. This promotion is part of the Apple Shopping Event.

During the Apple Shopping Event, customers may get a promotional offer that reads as follows: You could get up to a $50 Apple Gift Card when you purchase Studio3 Wireless.

On Cyber Monday, are there any deals to be had on iPhones?

It is true that Apple’s iPhones may be found at discounted prices on occasion during Cyber Monday. On Cyber Monday of this year, Apple will be giving offers linked to previous models of the iPhone. During the Apple Shopping Event, purchasers of an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini , iPhone 12, or iPhone SE will be eligible to receive a $50 Apple gift card as a thank-you for their purchase.

What kinds of deals can you expect to see on Apple products on Cyber Monday?

As I was just discussed, the day after Thanks giving known as Cyber Monday features massive markdowns on a variety of Apple items. However, it’s possible that subsequent Apple launches, namely the iPhone 14 will be an exception to these sales.

You are going to want to keep an eye on this guide if you are planning on purchasing any of the brand-new and sparkling Apple devices. That is because we will almost probably be one of the first outlets to report information of that kind.

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